Morocco is an ideal country for hiking and trekking. The Atlas Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, yet they are also still well protected from certain evils of modernity. The population is proud of its Berber culture, traditions and customs inherited for centuries ” Atlas Mountain Bike trekking – toubkal ascent Berber villages Morocco”.
The Moroccan Sahara, whilst being one of the most accessible desert regions, has the advantage of offering a wide variety of landscapes: dunes, oases, valleys, palms getting lost in the desert…
Those opportunities and advantages our country has, pushed us to deal with our skills to promote tourism industry.
Starting from the mountains crossing to the south of Morocco, we organize hikes with camels and mules which are well suited to families, couples, solo travelers and shared groups. In all cases these tours are accompanied by our own team and led legally by our Moroccan certified mountain guides. Our adventures and tours are tailored to fit ages, levels and interests you want to e and trek in Morocco
MARRUECOS EXCURSIONES aims to provide you with a travel experience that takes you off the beaten track. We know the country well and want to provide you with a new kind of travelling experience, one in which you become part of local communities that confronts you with the unexpected and brings you to unforgotten places and learn so much about the history, customs and lifestyle aspects